Lay down on the popupmatic and put your hands on the marks ( 2 ). Your sternum should be on the same line with the heel of your hands. Your upper arm and your forearm is in a 90° angle (chicken wing).

Straighten your arms and lift your chest off the floor (cobra pose), that gives you more room to swing your legs through. Get ready for your pop-up –> JUMP!

If you are training for a longboard or Mini malibu pop-up you can use your feet to push off the ground. For a short Board pop-up the feet need to be in the air. In this case the motion comes over the knees from your lower legs.

To be in a perfect stance position your front foot should be right in between where your hands were before. Depending on your stance the position of your back foot can vary. Don‘t be bummed and please don‘t cry if it doesn‘t work on your first attempt. Practice makes perfect! 


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