The project Chiemgau Wave has a new ambassador

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When we can’t surf in the ocean, we use river waves or other stationary waves to pursue our passion. Therefore, we are happy and grateful for every new river wave. And since our country needs more waves, we support the Chiemgau Wave in Traunstein in our beautiful region. Therefore, we are very happy that our Chief Amazement Officer ANDY LAMMERER is now one of the ambassadors of the Chiemgau Wave.

Andy (53) has been surfing himself since 2012 in the sea and on the river and otherwise you can find him in his spare time as a surf instructor CityWave in the Jochen Schweizer Arena in Taufkirchen. His surfing home spot is clearly the Eisbach in Munich and hopefully soon the Chiemgau wave in Traunstein. As a 2-time, reigning German Champion (Master Class Ü35) in Rapid Surfing, it is impossible to imagine the river surf scene in Germany without him and that as a landlocked surfer from Rosenheim.

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Andy: “Although I started surfing really late and live far away from the ocean, surfing is still one of my biggest passions. If you look at the rapid development and the great popularity of this sport, it is not surprising that river surfing has already arrived in the cities and regions, far from the oceans.

The Eisbach in Munich, the Jochen Schweizer Arena, the RIVER WAVE at our Austrian neighbors etc. are only the beginning!

Now add the Chiemgau Wave and our wonderful region is richer by a great attraction for active surfers – as well as onlookers and tourists!

A new kind of sport, without noise, environmental pollution and involving nature without energy expenditure. An asset for the Chiemgau region.

As an active Rapid Surfer (surfing on standing or artificial waves) and Chillgau local, I support the Chiemgau Wave!”

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